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Our Rich History

Situated in South Africa, approx 102km south of the Beitbridge Border post on the N1 in the beautiful town of Louis Trichardt .

The rich existing history of M Premjee & Son goes back to the year 1905, when pioneer Manjee Premjee at the tender age of 16, armed with the spirit of adventure moved to South Africa. In March 1933, Manjee Premjee and his son, Maganlal Manjee, who was born on 19 April 1921 in Pretoria, came to Louis Trichardt, to escape the harsh economic climate brought on by the depression.

Father and son were employed at K Sunderjee and Son. Although they found refuge from the hardship brought on by the depression era, they had a burning desire to someday own their own business.

Their ambitions were first realised in September 1942 when Manjee Premjee and Maganlal Manjee acquired one of K Sunderjee and Son's existing retail businesses at 75 Kruger Street. This was the birth of M Premjee & Son.

The pair worked hard to build up their new business and it was in 1952 when they recognized an opportunity to convert their retail business to a wholesale business. Their hard work ensured their success and in May 1964, M Premjee & Son acquired the firm and property of their previous employer, K Sunderjee & Son. Sadly, on 27 November 1970. Manjee Premjee passed away at the age of 84.

They relocated their business to 83 Kruger Street. M Premjee & Son, under the direction of Maganlal Manjee, continued to thrive as Maganlal Manjee's three sons, Viju, Ashwin and Atul each joined the family business in the years 1970, 1973 and 1978 respectively.

Under the Group Areas Act, the property on 83 Kruger Street was expropriated and the existing premises in the Indian Township of Eltivillas was constructed, they grand opening was in July 1980.  M Premjee & Son conducted their business from this premises for 22 more years.  (See Left Tabs for more Unique History of our stores)


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